Lead time is typically 6-8 weeks depending on when a batch of cabinets is started and how many are currently being built. Contact us for current lead time and to reserve a place in the next batch. 

The listed prices below include a cabinet in either black walnut or maple, installed brackets & rails w/ threaded inserts, all PSU related hardware (switches, jacks, etc), and installation of any PSU solution. PSU is not included in the listed price, but power through our sister company, Eskatonic Modular, are discounted if purchased for one of our cases. Any domestic, exotic, or combination of woods can be used in the construction of your cabinet. Please inquire for current stock of lumber options.

All our cabinets are handmade with bomb proof joinery on solid, sustainable, domestic hardwood, meticulously hand-profiled details & finished with 7 coats of rubbed, oil varnish, then topped with our own wax blend. 

Pricing is calculated with a simple formula: $350 per row ($600 per row of a double wide) for the first 7 rows (21U), then $500 per row for the next 3 rows (30U). Anything larger than 10 rows (30U) will require more details about the space it will be installed into before I a price can be calculated. A discount is applied to double wide vs two single cases since less materials are used in the construction of the cabinet.

NO LONGER BEING MADE: 12U & 12+1U cases are joined with dovetails and have curved, vacuum formed backs.  


15U & 15+1U cases are joined with dovetails.



18U – 24U cases are joined with hand-shaped, solid walnut top and front sides. 


Custom brackets for the rails are fabricated in 1/8″ thick anodized black, which will help hide any gaps. Custom blank panels can be made for any open rows if you are still growing into a case this size.

PRICING AS OF 10/1/2019

15U (5 Rows) * 
15U (5 Rows) up to 168HP $1750
15U (5 Rows) w/ Divider up to  336HP – $3300

18U (6 Rows) * 
18U (6 Rows) up to 168HP $2100
18U (6 Rows) w/ Divider up to  336HP – $3900

21U (7 Rows) *
21U (7 Rows) up to 168HP $2450
21U (7 Rows) w/ Divider up to  336HP – $4500

24U (8 Rows) *
24U (8 Rows) up to 168HP $2900
24U (8 Rows) w/ Divider up to  336HP – $5500

27U (9 Rows) *
27U (9 Rows) up to 168HP $3400
27U (9 Rows) w/ Divider up to  336HP – $6500

30U (10 Rows) *
30U (10 Rows) up to 168HP $3900
30U (10 Rows) w/ Divider up to  336HP – $7500

***Contact for pricing on cabinets larger than 10 rows***

*Add $300 for an Intellijel or Pulp Logic format 1U row on any of the cabinet configurations

Contact us for current lead time and to reserve a place in the next batch.