Artist Series - Double 21U Natural Walnut

$7,200.00 Regular price

21U (7 Rows)  x 2
33 1/2″H x 18 1/2″D

168HP = ~72″W

Upgrade your Eurorack rig and transform your modular universe with a Needham Woodworks Double-Wide cabinet. Our Double-Wides are more than just two cabinets side-by-side, they offer a shared power access across the back, seamless transition between each side, and a pure symmetrical look that accentuates the beauty of the Needham Woodworks aesthetic. You'll be amazed at the wow-factor when you see one of our systems in a room for the first time.

Our Artist Series systems are designed to make working with your modules a joy with easy access to all rows along an ergonomic radius and rounded front/top pieces. You can work for long hours without experiencing fatigue.

Introducing our new limited edition Artist Series Double 21U / 168HP Eurorack Cabinet in natural black walnut with oil & a dark wax finish. The Artist Series cabinets feature an improved forward lean that provides better airflow across your modules, even if the cabinet is installed directly against a wall. These cabinets have all the fine details of our previous cabinet styles and take it a step further with tighter grained inlays and better use of shadow lines to enhance their appearance on your desk.

The selling price includes the cabinet, installed Eskatonic Modular brackets & rails w/ threaded inserts. You can also choose to add a complete Eskatonic Modular internal power solution (available separately) and you'll need at least one 7 or 9.7A brick, which is readily available from many online retailers. We recommend one of these:

7A:     Meanwell part number: GST120A15-R7B
 Meanwell part number: GST160A15-R7B

Rails: All our cases ship with Eskatonic Modular custom black brackets, black lipped rails, and black threaded inserts.

Shipping: We strive to deliver your cabinet in the most eco-friendly way possible. Your cabinet will be swaddled in a blanket that we take back after delivery. Shipping is handled and paid directly to our trucking partner.

If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area, pick-ups are welcome and encouraged! You can take a tour of our impressive woodworking shop, the oldest dedicated woodworking space in San Francisco.

If you're in Los Angeles, we will personally deliver your cabinet to you. We make a drive down every month.

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have!