Eskatonic Modular Volkskabinett 15U + 1U / 120HP

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Almost a year ago, we introduced the Hand-Finished Capt. Jack Edition Volkskabinetts. Based on valuable customer feedback, we are now unveiling a significant update to the production version. The new model features lighter materials, simplified assembly, hand-ebonized white ash, and laminates on the same-grade multi-ply used in our initial run.

These updated cabinets will be available in standard 15U + 1U / 120HP configurations for easier assembly and lighter shipping. However, we are open to special orders for 168HP configurations. Additionally, our LED Illuminator lighting system has been enhanced with a new low-profile awning that mounts inside the cabinet, just above the top row.

Domestic shipping is free this week, along with a $100 Black Friday discount.

With a design similar to the Needham Woodworks 15U Artist Cabinet, the Volkskabinett offers the same features but with different build materials and joinery. Instead of using solid hardwoods and accenting inlays, the Volkskabinett is made from American ApplyPly sourced from Oregon. The unique joinery system allows for easy disassembly/reassembly using eight small set screws in German-made connectors, making it possible to fit the cabinet inside a compact box for affordable shipping. Think IKEA on steroids!

Measuring 24" in height, 19" in depth, and 25 3/4" in width, the Volkskabinett has a 120HP capacity and weighs around 30lbs. Like the Artist Series Eurorack Cabinets, it features a sleek profile with a slight forward lean that provides easy access to the back, an integrated backplane with Eskatonic Modular power boards, black hardware and threaded black M3 inserts, custom power plate with two power jacks, convection airflow, comfortable rounded wrist rest, and a no VOC oil finish with satin wax top coat for a smooth feel and low gloss sheen.

The selling price includes all parts and tools needed to complete the cabinet, six complete Eskatonic Modular framesets (five 3U + one 1U Intellijel format 1U bracket) and rails with threaded inserts, and a complete Eskatonic Modular internal power solution. Visit for more information about power and hardware.

To power the Volkskabinett, you will need a 7 or 9.7A brick, which is available at many online retailers. Here are the part numbers: 7A: Meanwell GST120A15-R7B, 9.7A: Meanwell GST160A15-R7B. Rails come with Eskatonic Modular custom black brackets, black-lipped rails, and black threaded inserts.

Free domestic shipping on the 120HPs!!! $200 for international.