Standard 21U

$2,450.00 Regular price

Fully handmade with bomb proof joinery & finished with hand rubbed varnish. This Wow factor this will bring to your studio is off-the-charts.

The selling price includes the cabinet, installed Eskatonic Modular ( brackets & rails w/ threaded inserts, and installation of an Eskatonic Modular PSU. The PSU is not included, but you can purchase Eskatonic Modular ( PSU Boards & DC Bricks at a substantial discount as part of a custom cabinet build.

All cases, unless otherwise specified as custom, are made from fully sustainable American walnut felled near Portland, Oregon. We hand pick each board from giant flitches of rough lumber and do the final milling/dimensioning/smoothing in our shop. The other standard option is ebonized (fully black w/ wenge accent inlays) walnut.

All our cases ship with Eskatonic Modular ( black brackets, black lipped rails, and black threaded inserts. All are custom made to our spec.

Cases can come shipped empty or with Eskatonic Modular power installed, at a discount as part of a custom cabinet build. Price is $150 per board, and each board will cover the power requirements of a single width row (120HP, 150HP, 168HP)

We don’t charge for shipping and will help with logistics through our freight parter who handles wrapping/protection, and will deliver to your front door. Exponentially cheaper than us building a custom crate and using UPS.

If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area, pick-ups are welcome and encouraged! A pick-up includes a tour of our impressive woodworking shop, the oldest dedicated woodworking space in San Francisco.

Width dimensions for all configurations of cabinets:
120HP = ~25 3/4″
150HP = ~31 3/4″
168HP = ~35 1/8″

18U (6 Rows) * 
28 5/8″H x 17 5/8″D

21U (7 Rows) *
33 1/2″H x 18 1/2″D


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