Artist Series - Double 21U ***Blacked Out Edition***

$5,900.00 Regular price

When you’ve exceeded your current Eurorack rig's capabilities, or if you're ready to let go of patching over, across, and around multiple cases, it's time to step up to a Needham Woodworks Double-Wide cabinet. More than just two cabinets side-by-side, our Double-Wides transform your modular universe into one cohesive unit, offering shared power access across the back, seamless transition between each side, and the beauty of a pure symmetrical look that highlights the excellence of the Needham Woodworks aesthetic. It's hard to explain the wow-factor when seeing one of our systems in a room for the first time, but it’s palpable!

With easy access to all rows with frames set along a ergonomic radius and rounded front/top pieces, working in any of our Artist Series systems is a joy and allows for long hours without fatigue.
Shown here is our new Artist Series Double 21U / 168HP Eurorack Cabinet in a limited edition Blacked-Out finish on solid domestic walnut, a finish we’ll only be using on 5 builds. The Artist Series cabinets feature an improved forward lean, allowing better airflow across your modules, even if the cabinet is installed directly against a wall. With all the fine details of our previous cabinet styles, these take it step further tighter grained inlays and better use of shadow lines to improve their appearance on your desk. 

The price includes the cabinet installed with Eskatonic Modular custom black brackets, black lipped rails, and black threaded inserts. Eskatonic Modular internal power boards are sold separately and available for purchase directly through us.
$150 per board, and it is recommended to use 1 board per row. The price includes all related internal power components: board, mounting board, cables, custom power plate. Your cabinet comes with power installed and tested, ready to start loading your modules.

You'll need at least one 9.7A brick available at many online retailers. You can easily add a 2nd brick to generate over 19A of power
Part numbers:
9.7A Meanwell GST160A15-R7B

Please note that the 9.7A brick needs have a load of at least 2A of Brick-Current if you want to avoid busboard vibration. This busboard vibration will be audible as a slight ringing sound physically coming from the busboard themselves, but does not transfer to the audio path in your modules and is only an issue if there isn’t the minimum 2A of power being drawn from the brick.

We are no longer handle shipping ourselves, rather work with a shipping partner to save you money on crating fees, and your cabinet will be fully insured.

Once your cabinet is complete, we will put you in contact with our partner for payment, then we'll schedule pickup from our shop for delivery to your home or office.

If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area, pick-ups are welcome and encouraged! A pick-up includes a tour of our impressive woodworking shop, the oldest dedicated woodworking space in San Francisco.

If you’re in Los Angeles, we will personally deliver to you. We make a drive down every month.