Artist Series Eurorack Cabinets

The Artist Series cabinets feature an improved forward lean, allowing better airflow across your modules, even if the cabinet is installed directly against a wall. With all the fine details of our previous cabinet styles, these take it step further tighter grained inlays and better use of shadow lines to improve their appearance on your desk.


Other features of our Classic Series are carried over: made with sustainable domestic walnut, with wenge or bubinga accent inlays, all black Eskatonic Modular hardware & threaded black M3 inserts, custom power plate w/ 2 power jacks, convection airflow, comfortable rounded wrist rest, no VOC oil finish w/ satin wax top coat for a nice feel & low gloss sheen.


Our cabinets are made from raw walnut lumber, felled locally in the Pacific Northwest. Milled here in our shop, the boards are then crafted by hand, all the way up to the final finishing, which consists of 3 coats of hand-rubbed oil, topped with wax for a deep, satin sheen. 

Artist Series Eurorack Cabinets


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