Chromaesthetic Lighting

$675.00 Regular price

Chromaesthetic Programmable LED Lighting System - Permanent installation retrofit kit for ALL our previous cabinet styles. Kits made, tested, and shipped from our new space in Brooklyn, NYC.

Developed to go beyond ordinary RGB lighting, to simply illuminate, or inspire creativity.

A Wi-Fi-enabled, networkable, live-codable LED controller with a web-based development environment.

  • Ships with dozens of patterns, pick from hundreds more 

  • Or create your own!

  • Runs a simplified JavaScript where LEDs update live as-you-code

  • Can be networked with controllers via wifi to run larger setups or installations, with support for 2D and 3D pixel mapping

  • Comes with a sensor module (via screw terminal) to enable audio, light, and motion reactivity, and/or to build a larger DIY control setup

  • Comes with a 1U 3HP (default) or 3U 3HP (message me for this option) panel with jack for line level audio input for the sensor module

Chromaesthetic LED Diffuser Baffles are easy on the eyes, mixing and diffusing raw RBG power to make the most of each pixel’s output without blasting your retinas.

Minimus:  Start with up to 1m (cut) of Chromasthetic LED strip in an ebonized ash awning, with a controller and power supply; all assembled, tested, and ready to be permanently installed onto your cabinet.  Control is via web app on mobile or desktop.

Upgrade paths:

  • Add a second LED strip

  • Add a third or fourth strip with a second power brick

  • Add a Chromaesthetic Eurorack control module to use audio + CV + gate inputs to control your LEDs.

Maximus:  Deluxe setup with all of the above, but with a in-cabinet installed Mean Well power supply and fused distro board. Option as integrated installation in new cabinet builds.