Rudeboy 6U+1U Desktop Lift Cabinet

$1,025.00 Regular price

Introducing the Rudeboy, a 6U+1U Intellijel format 120HP Studio Eurorack Cabinet with integrated and fully illuminated effect pedal / keyboard controller. 

Enjoy all your favorite effects at your fingertips, just a reach away from your patched-up modules. Both the top and bottom of the system are illuminated with remote-controlled LEDs.  Like our Volx, the Rudeboy is made from domestic black walnut. Unlike the Volx, the Rudeboy comes fully assembled and is ready to wiggle out of the box.

The cabinet comes with two Eskatonic Modular powerboards and a custom power plate. We offer either a 7A or a 9.6A brick as an option to power your Rudeboy. You should check with Modular Grid on your compliment of module's power requirements, but on a cabinet this small, we recommend the 7A brick.

26" x 18" x 10"

Domestic shipping is a flat $40
International is a flat $100