Stakt Elektron desktop case

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Introducing the Stakt cases for Elektron desktop instruments.

What began as a design for a desktop case for my Digitakt has transformed into a passion project, and it’s time to release the hounds. Here are the key features:

Adjustable Tilt Base
The carbon fiber reinforced base allows for 12 different angles. Your Elektron machine is securely affixed with 4 VESA mount screws, ensuring stability.

Modular Design
Three cases can be connected to form a single, curved unit, similar to my eurorack cabinets.

Effortless Joinery
Our custom clip-on/off joinery locks solidly into place and is easily removable. The joinery also allows current to pass between the cases, so lights and other accessories can be powered from a single case. These are the only metal fasteners used; the cases are constructed with traditional woodworking joinery.

Integrated Cable Management
The design includes built-in cable management. Cables run out the back of one case and through the front and bottom of the case behind it, keeping them hidden and organized.

Matching Grain
If ordered as a full set, you will receive matching grain across the sides of all three cases.

Expansion Ready
The holes on the sides are for switches, jacks, and other options coming soon. Multiple threaded inserts allow for future expansion.

Ordering options are:
Basic walnut case with no tilt. It's the same as the tilt version but without the inner case, nor the joinery for stacking.  It is not upgradable to a tilt style, nor the ability to stack.

The walnut tilt case. What's shown in all the photos. If ordered separately, you will need to order a stand as an accessories if you want to stack multiple cases.

The matched set of 2 tilt cases. The full set includes 2 tilt cases with matching grain, the lights, the stand, AND T-SHIRT! :)

The matched set of 3 tilt cases. The full set includes 3 tilt cases with matching grain, the lights, the stand, AND T-SHIRT! :)

Your choice of a walnut, maple, or black acrylic front logo panel. Message us after order to specify the type. See pic of group shot for an example of all three types.

First run will ship on Sept. 1.

Free domestic shipping on all the Stakt products.
$70 International for the set.