Volx v1 to v3 upgrade.

$550.00 Regular price

A complete v3 cabinet minus hardware and power from your v1!


There is much information here that I hope answers your questions, so please read through it. 

The v3's installation process is exponentially easier and faster than your v1 experience. We provide the long square driver bit needed for the component screws. Pre-drilled pilot holes in the back and base for power boards streamline the process. We've clocked a novice completing the case (not the framesets) in under 15 minutes. You've already made the framesets which are a bulk of the build. 

The fit and finish on the v3 cabinets are superb. Flush rounds and smoothed edges eliminate most chip-outs. We've incorporated numerous minor enhancements and restyled the profile and aesthetic I think you'll dig, based on your feedback. This offering is fully blacked out, with no customizations available. Your patience and feedback have been invaluable in refining the v3.

Speaking of patience, you will need to wait a bit for these, but nowhere as long as before, as I only planned on making a 120HP version of the v3 so we can ship completed units. I'd love to do that for y'all, but completed 168s are too large to easily fit into a box. For international orders please contact me before ordering so we can figure out the best way to get one to you.

Special 168HP parts for upgraded 168HP cabinets will take 8 weeks to complete. It shouldn't take that long, but I'm cooking in time to cover my ass this time around.


Thanks and much love