Volkskabinett Eurorack Systems

Introducing our new Volkskabinett 15U+1U 120HP & 168HP XL Eurorack Cabinets!

Designed with the same shape as the Needham Woodworks 15U Artist Cabinet, the Volkskabinett offers all the same great features with one exception: the build materials and joinery. Made from American ApplyPly sourced from Oregon, the Volkskabinett is constructed using a unique joinery system that allows for easy disassembly and reassembly with just 8 small set screws in German-made connectors - think IKEA on steroids! This not only makes shipping more affordable but also ensures that your cabinet arrives in perfect condition.

The Volkskabinett is also available in an unpowered version, allowing you to install your own power solution. It ships with a custom power plate to give your system the same integrated functionality and sleek look as the powered version.

Upgrade your setup today with our Volkskabinett 15U+1U 120HP & 168HP XL Eurorack Cabinets - the perfect balance of quality and affordability!

Volkskabinett Eurorack Systems - Needham Woodworks