Moog Matriarch 6U Eurorack Extension Cabinet

$975.00 Regular price

Introducing the Matriarch 6U Eurorack Cabinet - This beauty houses two 150HP rows of standard Eurorack 3U format and one 150HP 1U Intellijel format row, all in one sleek package. 

Our Eurorack extension cabinets are crafted with the same materials, construction techniques, and attention to detail as our Artist Series studio cabinets. The only difference is size. Solid domestic walnut, brass & steel hardware, hand-rubbed oil/wax finish, and Eskatonic Modular hardware - it's the complete package! You won't find anything else like it on the market.

The cabinet comes with two Eskatonic Modular powerboards and a custom power plate. However, you'll need to provide your own DC Brick to power the system. No worries, we recommend this 7A brick (Meanwell part number: GST120A15-R7B), which you can find at many online retailers. You can add-on up to two additional power boards, each board can power 16 modules.

To get started, add on any of our available accessories, such as the Eurorack Extension Cases, and start building your dream modular synth setup. The side panels are essential to using the Eurorack cabinet but are not included. Don't worry - they're easy to install and require zero assembly skills. You can have your system up and running in just 10 minutes out of the box!