Solid Black Walnut LP Vinyl Record Cabinet

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Introducing our elegant vinyl record storage cabinet designed for your treasured LP collection. Crafted from solid Black American Walnut (Juglans nigra), both the cabinet and legs boast impeccable quality. The legs feature a captivating asymmetrical curve with double tapers along the sides and top, crafted from slices of the same wood used in the main cabinet. The precision of the miters is remarkable, resembling cuts made with lasers. There's nothing like it.

The process of crafting the legs is a blend of both skillful craftsmanship and artistic finesse. For a glimpse into this intricate process, check out the attached video showcasing the final stages. Additionally, our YouTube channel features more videos detailing the entire construction process:

The Chromaesthetic lighting element is elegantly housed within an angled awning, suspended on brass splines beneath the cabinet. Boasting hundreds of pre-installed lighting patterns, the system also allows for personalization through a web-based application, accessible via the lighting system itself. A button discreetly located on the back of the cabinet enables easy navigation through the available patterns.

Available in both double bin and triple bin configurations, the dimensions for the cabinet showcased here are as follows:

Width: 21"
Cabinet Depth: 13" (18" with legs)
Height: 18"
For the double bin configuration, the width is 40.5", and for the triple bin configuration, the width extends to 59.5"