Vermithor - Double 27U (9-row) + two 1U (Intellijel) / 168HP Eurorack Cabinet

$8,400.00 Regular price
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Vermithor, a towering 9-row Euroack cabinet, with two 1U Intellijel format rows tagging along for the ride. This spectacular specimen, named after the 3rd largest dragon, features a profile unlike our standard Artist Series cabinets, and a unique inlay design. Each row is ergonomically located for easy access, and the open floating-back layout keeps your modules cool. These cabinets are absolute show stoppers and will become the centerpiece of your synth based studio.

Our Double-Wides are more than just two cabinets side-by-side, they offer a shared power access across the back, seamless transition between each side, and a pure symmetrical look that accentuates the beauty of the Needham Woodworks aesthetic. You'll be amazed at the wow-factor when you see one of our systems in a room for the first time.

Available in either pure walnut with accent inlays, or a fully blacked-out edition.

42.5" Tall
22.5" Deep
72"ish Wide (Double 168HP configuration)

Crafted from raw walnut lumber, locally sourced in the Pacific Northwest, each board is milled in-house and finished with three hand-rubbed coats of oil and wax for a deep, satin sheen. The selling price includes the cabinet, along with installed Eskatonic Modular brackets and rails with threaded inserts. Internal power components from Eskatonic Modular are optional at checkout.

The power option includes everything needed to power each row with 16 headers: mounting board, cables, and custom power plate for all related internal power components. Your cabinet comes with power installed and tested, ready to accommodate your modules. For your convenience we offer DC bricks in both 7A and 9.6A output types. For our double wides, we highly recommend two 9.6A bricks per side (4 total).

All cabinets come with Eskatonic Modular's custom black brackets, black lipped rails, and black threaded inserts. Zorx Electronics 1U CV Bus & Expander modules are also available as an option at checkout.

For eco-friendliness, cabinets are delivered wrapped in our blanket, which we take back after delivery. Shipping is arranged and paid for directly through our trucking partner. Local pick-up is available in the San Francisco Bay Area and includes a tour of our impressive woodworking shop, the oldest dedicated woodworking space in San Francisco.