Zorx Electronics 1U CV Bus

$349.00 Regular price

The Zorx 1U CV Bus is an 84 HP 4 - 1 x 4 or 2 - 1 X 8 buffered mult with attenuation/attenuverting on each output for use with audio and CV signals. There are four channels, each with four dedicated buffered outputs, separated into groups of four. Input a signal into any channel and use that channel’s outputs to spread the input signal throughout your rig. See-thru color coded LED indicators denote which channel an output belongs to for easy maneuvering during live performance and in dimly lit situations, and there are also numbered dots below each potentiometer that denote that as well.

***The special pricing includes installation into your new Needham Woodworks system, plugged in and ready to use.***

For more information visit www.zorxelectronics.com