OneRUN Limited Series - 27U (9-row) / 168HP Eurorack Cabinet - Dark Walnut

$3,450.00 Regular price

We're doing a run of three Limited Series 27U + 1U + 1U Intellijel format (29U) / 168HP Eurorack Cabinet in highly-figured walnut from the Pacific Northwest.

The example here is maple, but we're building this run in walnut for a darker, more stealth look.

Our Limited 29U is profiled to allow easy access to all rows, and give ample ventilation for your high heat modules. As you can see from the photos, the details are unparalleled with any other offering in our little niche corner of the universe: razor crisp inlays, careful grain matching, and a sleek, modern profile. Oh, Includes a matching spliff/pencil/straw holder to complete the studio set for whatever extra tools your may need on your desk.

The selling price includes the cabinet, installed Eskatonic Modular ( brackets & rails w/ threaded inserts. Eskatonic Modular internal power components are not included, but are an option at checkout.

$150 per board, and it is recommended to use 1 board per row. The price includes all related internal power components: board, mounting board, cables, custom power plate. Your cabinet comes with power installed and tested, ready to start loading your modules.

The cabinet does not include any DC bricks, and you'll need at least one 9.7A brick available at many online retailers. You can easily add a 2nd brick to generate over 19A of power
Part numbers:
9.7A Meanwell GST160A15-R7B

Please note that the 9.7A brick needs have a load of at least 2A of Brick-Current if you want to avoid busboard vibration. This busboard vibration will be audible as a slight ringing sound physically coming from the busboard themselves, but does not transfer to the audio path in your modules and is only an issue if there isn’t the minimum 2A of power being drawn from the brick.

All our cases ship with Eskatonic Modular ( and Instagram @eskatonicmodular ) custom black brackets, black lipped rails, and black threaded inserts.

We are no longer handle shipping ourselves, rather work with a shipping partner to save you money on crating fees, and your cabinet will be fully insured. They cost as much as UPS, except you will not have to pay the extra $500-$1500 cratin fees on top of the actual shipping costs. Crating/packaging is included in the actual shipping costs, saving you a significant amount of money.

Once your cabinet is complete, we will put you in contact with our partner for payment, then we'll schedule pickup from our shop for delivery to your home or office.

If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area, pick-ups are welcome and encouraged! A pick-up includes a tour of our impressive woodworking shop, the oldest dedicated woodworking space in San Francisco.

If you’re in Los Angeles, we will personally deliver to you. We make a drive down every month.

Message us with any questions!