Zorx Electronics 1U Bus Expander

$155.00 Regular price

The 20 HP Zorx SILENCER 1U CV BUS Expander is a clickless 20 HP 4 channel performance silencing module that lets you manually switch each channel on and off (with a momentary on position), thereby muting it, with latching or momentarily capabilities. There is also a MIX OUT that sums all of the SILENCER's outputs into a single mono output. A connector cable [included] can be connected from the rear of the Zorx 1U CV Bus to the rear of the SILENCER which will take the last four outputs of the Zorx 1U CV Bus and duplicate them, normalling them to the corresponding inputs of the SILENCER. Illuminated numbered dots correspond to the 4 channels of the 1U CV Bus for easy recognition.

***The special pricing includes installation into your new Needham Woodworks system, plugged in and ready to use.***

For more information visit www.zorxelectronics.com